That Was Then This is Now!


My first art exhibition in 1983 was an accidental one.

Bell Island Lighthouse 1992


One summer I came home to visit my parents and brought my Dad my very own painting of “our” lighthouse.  My father had just retired as lighthouse keeper on Bell Island, Newfoundland and I thought this would be a fitting retirement gift.

I was mortified to discover he entered the painting in the local craft fair on the island.  Sharing a painting with family is one thing but with the world is quite another.  I was not ready for that.

imagine my surprise when I discovered it not only won first place but that my prize was a set of Crown Royal whiskey glasses.
Now……. 33 years later……

I am preparing for my first ever solo art exhibition.



Am I ready?  not sure.

Am I nervous?  you bet.

Stay tune for more info as the big day draws near!

There won’t be any whiskey glasses,

maybe some coffee cups and perhaps some wine glasses!!





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