Hope Among the Ashes

Silent Sentinels No 2One morning spring morning while travelling by bus from Edmonton to Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, traffic came to a standstill.  Another forest fire was raging up ahead. As the bus crawled ahead in a snail’s pace amid the charred trees a hush fell over the passengers. The devastation of the forest fire was immense. The charred trees leaning against each other created a sad feeling of death and loss. 

Willful Weeds Number 4A few miles further and we were traveling through the area that burnt last year. More charred trees toppled over from the winter winds. Suddenly something caught my eye in the morning sun. A shock of magenta and emerald green amid the blacked earth.  I squinted through the dusty windows of the bus to see miles and miles of magenta running here and there all around the limbless trees. Such an incredible sight.
A Rhapsody of Magenta #1My eyes which were focused on the magenta looked beyond the charred trees and saw only the beautiful sign of hope. This Fireweed, a lowly weed, is natures way of reclaiming disturbed or burnt land. Perhaps it could be a metaphor for those of us who are experiencing devastation or tragedy. Look for something that could be your sign of hope and let it lift you up.

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